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Rane SM 26b mixer/splitter

Does anyone else use these?
I find them incredibly flexible. I don't have a mixing
board so over the past year I've found 3 of these,
used, and have been creating all sorts of nice
routings....and I still am coming up with new ones.
Basic example:

I can take one source signal, split it into 6 mono or
3 stereo signals (first Rane:split) and feed it my
looping effects, adjusting gain to each.

Then mix all those back to 2(second Rane:mix). 
Send that stereo signal to my main loop
effect/recorder,adding the loops to it by adjusting
the  gain on the first.

 Which is then sent to the third Rane:mix , and still
have 2 stereo inputs there for other sounds to play on
top of it all.

Have you a similar or different setup?


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