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Re: I dig it RE: It's about Larry's MUSIC(?)

At 3:22 PM -0800 2/19/05, loop.pool wrote:

>When y2K4 ended,  I had worked for six straight week...I was close 
>to comatose and staggered home with several boxes including about 25 
>CDs and CDRs from
>fellow loopers...I mislaid [Larry's] CD and still can't seem to find it.
>To have Larry impune both my brother and I because he hadn't read a 
>review or heard back from us on the list felt very shameful to me
>and made me quite angry to be frank.

Now that the guitarist from "L" is gone, I'll speak more freely.

It seams to me the dude has some emotional problems that are tied in 
with his inability to deal with technology. As I remember, he showed 
up at Y2K4 with a rack of new gear,including two or three EDPs, and 
he was unable to get it to work. He complained about this for an 
extended period and made a generally embarrassing scene. Then, as I 
understand, he left his gear behind and had to drive back again from 
Fresno to reclaim it.

I haven't listened to L's music but I did visit his Web site when the 
flames started. He's probably a superb musician and he may be as 
knowledgeable about music as he claims. I for one don't care at this 
point because there are many superb and knowledgeable musicians in 
the world who are also generous and courteous. I'll expend my energy 
on those folks.

However, L is correct in saying that there are many who are ignorant 
and less talented, and who may be more concerned with the tweaky side 
of the technology than they are in the "music" (whatever that is). To 
this I say "so what"? This list gives voice to a pretty diverse 
community. Some of them are brilliant and some are infuriating. I 
make liberal use of the "down-arrow" on my browser (I rarely actually 
"delete" anything).  The only reason anyone can possibly have for 
making a big deal over the shortcomings of list members is because it 
makes him feel better to sling these insults. The only reason for 
someone to respond to such insults is because that person enjoys a 
good fight.

>I truly love this community and I devote a lot of time in my life to 
>trying to do any thing I can to promote it. I'm trying really hard 
>and I am also imperfect.............so please cut me some slack.

Rick, you are a saint. A full measure of slack was cut for you at birth.


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202