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I dig it RE: It's about Larry's MUSIC(?)

Thanks for the good review, Tim.

I also wanted to say (because I tried to stay out of that last 'out' group 
of 400 exchanges) in my defence
that I never intentionally refused to listen to Larry's music.

When y2K4 ended,  I had worked for six straight weeks, culminating in 
for 36 hours of performance and playing
4 times my self.  I was close to comatose and staggered home with several 
boxes including about 25 CDs and CDRs from
fellow loopers.   I promptly got sick for two weeks and then had to get 
to actually not drowning financially for all the work I had lost
doing the show.

Long story short,  I mislaid his CD and still can't seem to find it.

Also,  I have recieved 5-10 solicited and unsolicited CDs a week from the 
live looping community, which I am flattered and grateful to recieve
but I, quite frankly,  wouldn't have a life and a private artistic career 
I was able to listen to everything that is sent to me.

Periodically someone gets upset with me because I haven't reviewed the 
they've sent me or sent back a review.
All I can say is, that if you want it bothers you that you haven't heard 
from me,  please e-mail me off list.

To have Larry impune both my brother and I because he hadn't read a review 
or heard back from us on the list felt very shameful to me
and made me quite angry to be frank.

Before you slag someone folks,   try talking with them first.   I would 
been the first one to listen to Larry's music had he done so, even 
admitting, embarrasingly that I had mislaid it.

Okay, that' probably more explanation than anyone needs but I just didn't 
want to have that criticism hanging , unfairly in the wind.

I truly love this community and I devote a lot of time in my life to 
to do any thing I can to promote it.
I'm trying really hard and I am also imperfect.............so please cut 
some slack.

yours,   Rick Walker