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RE: midi mute/filter

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My Axon ax-100 guitar synth converter allows that kind of functionality. there are lots of settings where you can play a chord, step on a pedal and the chord drones away or arpeggiates, etc, while you can go off and play different things. I'm not sure how it works, though. A little research into this unit may be fruitful for you.
All the best,
I need a way to interupt the note information from some midi stuff, without stopping the midi clock stream or sending a note off...
I have my guitar synth pluged into an external Korg synth, and it has a fabbo arp and step sequencer.. I use the midi from the guitar to set the chord that will arpegiate, but THEN i want continue to play guitar, while the synth arp's away on it own..
ive seen a kinda midi switcher thing, but that sends a note off which would presumably well might stop the oh i dont know.. isnt there a simple way???
mark francombe