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Re: SooperLooper (System requirements)

På 19. feb. 2005 kl. 07.03 skrev Matthias Grob:

>> Would you like to see an option in SL to
>> always use the same input and output ports for every loop?
> nono, its great to have it multitrack in Jack, so a mixing app can 
> take over.

Yes, yes, yes! i think its cool to have this OPTION,  not to be 
mistaking, its great to have multitrack in Jack, but its great to have 
a setting saying: always use single output and Input, too. If you donīt 
need it then donīt  use it. For people who do need it, it it will be as 
this app already has proven itself to be, priceless : )

> But I also felt Jans problem that a new loop is not automatically 
> routed to some channel (be it the next or previous)

or the same in/out as an option ;  )