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Re: SooperLooper (System requirements)

Hi I have the same problem
Also created a folder on another drive , not the system drive,
( no space before the folder name)
but after moving it to the system drive / application folder and out of the folder I created
it's still black.

any ideas ??

Gunnar Backman
Brak(E)man Prod/Brakophonics
E-mail brakophonic@telia.com

2005-02-18 kl. 20.08 skrev Jan A Johnsen:

On 18-02-05 18:10, "Jesse Chappell" <essejlc@gmail.com> wrote:

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005 17:52:35 +0100, Jan A Johnsen <jan@igmbergen.no> wrote:
I found the error : )

When I saw your command lines to be typed in the terminal folder I realized
something. I made a folder in my App folder called: Sooperlooper.
When I removed the app from this folder started Jack and then SooperLooper
Everything worked as on my G4. Fantastic.
I guess my needs to keep my workspace organized got in the way for me.
I wanted to keep SooperLooper in a folder with the presets ant txt.files.
So my problem was that I made a folder within the Applications folder and
moved SooperLooper into it.
By moving SooperLooper out the folder and just let if float in the
applicationsfolder made it work.

This really shouldn't be causing a problem. Others have successfully
started it when it sits in a subfolder, *but* if there are any spaces
in a folder name in the path it won't work properly (that is a bug to
be fixed). I will check it out soon.

Yes, there was a space in the start like this <space>Sooperlooper
Now why would I do that, well my app folder is crowded and I just wanted SL
to be on top of the list when ever I opened the App folder.