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Re: ZURICH LOOPFEST: travelling cheaply in Europe

hey Rick, its so kool to read this because I watched you doing it and 
rolled your marvelous Gators and even changed their wheels when they 
were tired and you got free replacements!

I also learned the hard way on my Berlin trip that its easily 5 times 
cheaper to travel by train if you get the ticket 10 days in advance 
and find special night time slow connections and such. the ordinary 
fair may even be more expensive than a cheap flight, since you will 
not bring as much green plastic as Rick did

yes, and there are looong stairs in the London Underground...

>I learned this the very hard way on my European trip two summers ago:
>Do everything by train.      Inner European airplane trips and 
>renting cars are hideously expensive, not to mention
>the fact that the cheapest air fares on the continent have very, 
>very low baggage weight limits.
>As an example:  it cost me $45 to fly from Stockholm to Glascow as 
>an example but they charged me $600 excess baggage for
>a 40 minutes flight.     Finding that the next leg of that flight (I 
>was trying to make a BBC on air performance in Belfast),
>another $45/40 minute flight would cost me an additional $600 for 
>baggage made Chris, my wife and I jump ship, so to
>speak, and we took a ferry there that costs us 29$ each.    We never 
>took another airplane flight until we returned home from
>Belfast to Roma.
>Anyway,   If you know you'd like to spend two weeks in Europe,  I 
>would highly recommend that you
>1) by round trip tickets to Frankfurt;
>2) take trains to both Berlin  to visit and perhaps gig with 
>Andreas Willers,Leander Reininghaus, MIchael Schiefel and to Koln to 
>visit and perhaps play with Michael Peters.
>3) Then take the train to Zurich.


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