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Re: SooperLooper (System requirements)

Hi Jessie, and thanks for porting SL to OSX.
Super app, i really like the GUI it looks neat and tidy
However my old and trusted Pismo ( G3 500 mhz ) cant figure out how to 
run SL. I get the GUI on-screen but with only the top menu showing, 
rest of the GUI, the area with all controls and info is just black. 
Within Jack, there is no sign of SL either. On my dual G4 SooperLooper 
is running smooth and with no problems : )

When running Ableton Live on my 500 mhz G3 Laptop, i am able to use, 
without any problems 3 instances of AugustusLoop.
I have not tried to run any more but i am quite sure i would be able 
to, still there is space for me to load some AU or VST stuff.

So i guess my question is, whatīs the Requirements for running 
Seems like G4 o me, since i cant get it up and running on my G3.  Just 
a partly black GUI and no connection to localhost in prefs>connections
Since G3 isnīt cutting edge anymore i donīt expect it to be a reference 
platform for all audio software, still i donīt see why it should be a 
problem running SooperLooper on a G3.
Where is the bottleneck if any, will AU or VST versions do anything 
with system requirements? What about Jack, it routes just about 
anything but SooperLooper when running on my laptop.

Both my systems run latest version of OSX and has 400+ mb Ram

Best regards


På 17. feb. 2005 kl. 06.33 skrev Jesse Chappell:

> To keep the software looper excitement level high around here, I've
> decided it is time to release a beta version of SooperLooper for Mac
> OS X.
>    http://essej.net/sooperlooper/
> SooperLooper is a live looping sampler capable of immediate loop
> recording, overdubbing, multiplying, reversing and more.  It allows
> for multiple simultaneous multi-channel loops limited only by your
> computer's available memory.  The feature-set and operation was
> inspired by the impressive Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro (EDP).  When
> used with a low-latency audio configuration it is capable of truly
> realtime live performance looping.
> SooperLooper is currently supported on Linux/Unix and OS X platforms
> that support JACK (http://jackit.sf.net).  A Mac OS X package is
> available, and is usable with the v0.6 release of JackOSX
> (http://www.jackosx.com/) which is available as a prerelease at
> http://www.grame.fr/~letz/JackOSX.0.6.pkg.zip .  JACK is an incredibly
> powerful way to route audio between applications and to/from audio
> hardware, and should be a part of anyone's arsenal.
> The application is a standalone JACK client with an engine
> controllable via OSC and MIDI.  It also includes a GUI which
> communicates with the engine via OSC (even over a network) for
> user-friendly control on a desktop.  However, this kind of live
> performance looping tool is most effectively used via hardware (midi
> footpedals, etc) and the engine can be run standalone on a computer
> without a monitor.  A few sample MIDI binding presets are supplied,
> including a basic EDP Loop IV binding.
> Future plans include possible VST and AU plugin versions for both
> Windows and Mac, with some reduction in flexibility from the JACK 
> version.
> But with the steep competition from the impressive Mobius, maybe some
> collaboration is in order?
> This software is licensed under the GPL, thus the source code is free,
> open and available. Because of this there will always be someone
> around who can fix any problems, or add new features even if something
> happened to me.  You are welcome to copy it, give copies to your 
> friends,
> and modify it.  But if you find it useful, then please consider making
> a donation.
> Please don't hesitate to give me feedback, and have fun....
> Jesse Chappell