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RE: It's about Larry's MUSIC(?)

Beats me!!!
I tried to duplicate it from the other links on his site and failed--wonder
if this is him playing?
He seems to be all (and more!) that he claims--wonder why he still posts to
a loop list when he has sold his loop gear?  More to the point, what
technology will make him happy musically?
I don't have classic chops--I'm a flat picker--but I like to use delays to
inspire me to practice (acoustic guitar especially).  The real good right
hand technique such as he seems to have makes it easy to sound "big"--a la
piano--loops are swell but just one more tool--let's all be happy we can
share our spirit thru noise!

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Nice samples how come you're the only one that found them I looked at his
link several times and didn't locate this one? 

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Couldn't find the file he referred to in his email but here's some stuff
from the website--http://www.newmillguitar.com/music.html
Classical guitar takes a lot of discipline!  I guess this is Coop hisself .
. .