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Re: SooperLooper beta released for OSX

On Feb 17, 2005, at 6:33, Jesse Chappell wrote:

> To keep the software looper excitement level high around here, I've
> decided it is time to release a beta version of SooperLooper for Mac
> OS X.

That's really cool! I tried it very briefly today and everything worked 
fine with jack. I did not get the time to try out to stream audio from 
SooperLooper, through Jack, into Ableton Live.... but I guess that 
would work just fine. The benefit would be that you could then use the 
nice reverb of Live and also some Pluggo's.

I didn't have time to try multiple loops but from reading the "read me" 
file I have it should be no problem. Really exciting, I must say! I 
like it a lot. In fact I succeeded in killing my audio PC last year 
when trying to re-mould it into a Linux box (oh well, the wreckage 
probably had other causes....). Anyway, I was looping like crazy with 
SL and it only used 4 percent of this Powerbooks CPU recourses. That 
had me thinking that I could try it together with Live 4, just using 
Live as a shell for reverb and some Pluggo effect. Oops, already said 
that. Nuff said.., Thanks Jesse!

Oh yes, just hit my mind! I miss the option to assign a midi foot pedal 
to the 1/2x, x and 2x speed options. Being able to do that would be 
REALLY COOL! It spans over three octaves which means you can do some 
fun stuff with "substitute" when using 8th's quantize and very short 
8ths/cycle setting.

It's good to see that SooperLooper is such an open system that lets you 
set up your own concept for external midi control. I'd like to take the 
time to set up different real-time control versions for my FCB1010 
controller. For concert I prefer quick instant access to some chosen 
few powerful functions, while other musicians might wish for being able 
to use a lot of functions. SooperLooper seems to be good to both user 
styles ;-)

Will go for a trip with with only recording gear - no instruments or 
midi pedals - but as soon as I come back (a week or two) I will dig 
into SL again.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
http://www.looproom.com (international)
http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)