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In a message dated 2/17/05 1:59:43 AM, looppool@cruzio.com writes:

Send him funds to enable him to invade Europe

my heart sings (loops) with joy at all of the nice things everyone has said.....but i really don't want anyone, you included tedzo!!!!! to send me money.....feed me, water me, entertain me, put me to bed, save me from all of the countless young beautiful gypsie women yes! money no!......(send me your INEKOS and BITRMANS).....i'm off to get a map and see what i can put together.....SO MANY OFFERS!.....yikes!.....perhaps i'll move accross the pond until we get LOOPER ISLAND together.....ahhh but pittsburgh needs me to continue carrying the flag of looping to the masses and yet  "a profit (as well as a loss) in not welcome in his own land".....sigh!.....:).....BIG BIG THANKS to everyone for all of the kindness and support.....your humble FOLKLOOPERKINDER michael