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Yes let's do discuss music (was)RE: it's about MUSIC.

Yeah let's leave Larry to his misery and discuss some music
Any of you out there ever hear or listen to any Jef Lee Johnson he is a
pretty interesting guitarist/singer/composer he doesn't do any 'live
looping' but, a number of cuts off of his last two albums use a lot of
programmed loops. It would be kinda cool if he actually took up looping his
modernized Blues/RnB/Hip hop style would be intersting. I have one album of
his which is partly a Live performance at the knitting factory plus some
studio programming/mixing quite intersting he reminds me a bit of Gary 
only with a Blues take to it.

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At 8:44 AM -0800 2/17/05, Larry Cooperman wrote:

>No body over here cares.

You don't know that.

>all of you intellectuals trying to analyze me all i have to say is i/m 
>and old fashioned guy who loves music and not technology.

Evident from your Y2K4 performance.

>i could really care less about your opinions although i wish all of you 
>would grow up in art and quit this bullshit.