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Re: SooperLooper beta released for OSX

Sounds beautiful michael.  The stereo separation is a great function, eh?
Really felt like I had you on three distinct channels right in front of


On 2/17/05 4:02 AM, "mjnoble" <not8ohm@iinet.net.au> wrote:

> arr, tis a beautiful thing.
> works a treat, and in testing it out I put together a quick umm, piece
> of non-music sound-technology as entertainment.
> for those who want some light listening, go here:
> http://looplog.org/ooo/cheapmonkguerilla.mp3
> (be warned, it's a 6mb file...)
> made with voice recorded thru ibook internal microphone and sooperlooper
> (5 single channel loops)
> cheers
> michael