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Re: Mobius system requirements

Jeff compliments!The sofware is wonderful although
still buggy keep it up man!
anyway here are a couple of bugs ive come across:
-In building a preset,the preset name will come up in
front of the interface and i have to scale the grafic
down and enlarge it to go away.

-if i want to slice the loop via multiply and record
end it wont react exactly in time.

il keep messing with it and let you know.
Thanx again!!!

> While I don't care where people post, it is probably
> best if we move
> Mobius discussion over there.  I would like to thank
> everyone
> who has expressed interest in Mobius.  I thank
> Matthias, Eric, Andy
> and everyone else involved with Loop.  And I
> especially thank Kim
> for hosting this site.  If anyone feels like sending
> me money for
> Mobius, I would ask that you first consider
> contributing to
> Looper's Delight.  Mobius would never have happened
> without it.
> Regards,
> Jeff


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