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Re:Mobius system requirements

geoff smith wrote:
> Just out of curiouisity (I have two macs no pc so can't test software)
> Have you been able to code the insert functions of the edp?

Yes, with a few exceptions.  A long press of Insert is supposed to
perform a Replace, but it doesn't.  When in a loop with
SamplerStyle=Once, Insert is supposed to retrigger the current loop
but leave the return transition.  Currently, Insert cancels the return
and begins inserting in the current loop.  My interpretation of how
Rehearse mode behaves seems to be a bit different than the EDP.  But
otherwise all of the basic Insert functionality should be there.

> And what processor PC does it need for the operation to be really fast 
> and responsive like an EDP when working with small loops?

The loop size shouldn't make much difference, it does about the same
amount of work whether the loop is 1/10th of a second or an hour.  The
smallest loop you can have is determined by the latency caused by
the sound card.  For a card with ASIO drivers, this would be around
20 milliseconds.

The most critical factor in making Mobius feel responsive is to
get a good sound card with ASIO drivers.  It is still quite usable
without ASIO drivers but some things, like loop triggering, won't
feel as "tight".

I haven't really tried to find the minimum acceptable CPU.  I have
a 2Ghz Pentium III and haven't noticed any stress.  I'm guessing
1Ghz or better would be fine.