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RE: Mobius Rocks!

It works amazingly well Jeffs manual is absolutely and brutally honest in
it's description where he says it's currently lacking it ends up being 100%
accurate. I have found few descriptions/manuals that have described 
and functions as well as he did. As to hardware/software latencies well it
really depends on your gear and your setup. My setup was originally
optimized to do PC Audio but, since nothing I installed impressed me enough
to continue I reconfigured it for other tasks and it runs very well even
under those circumstances. It responds very quickly to my FCB1010 
and I can compare it to my Last of the Beigeface models with Loop IV
installed and I would say it is awesome. I still have to get used to using
the extended features as it emulates multiple EDP's and I only have one
hardware EDP.

All I can say for now is if you can and are setup for PC/Windows Audio you
should check this one out for sure. Hopefully you do have some sort of MIDI
foot controller otherwise you won't get much out of demoing this product.

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read the manual, sounds wonderfull wonder how it works, as I have yet to
find a software looper that responds like hardware (edp).
But damn am i looking!
On 16 Feb 2005, at 12:58, Per Boysen wrote:

>>> On 2/15/05 12:23 PM, "Jeff Larson" <Jeffrey.Larson@Sun.COM> wrote:
> ......8< 8< 8< 8< 8< 8< ......
>>>> .... user's manual.
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> Jeff,
> Is the manual available somewhere? I have no Windows machine handy, 
> but reading the manual would be interesting.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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