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Re: Holy crap

I listened to it.  What follows is my opinion, not a judgement (for fear 
of fanning the flames)...

I think it's really good that you provided a context so we know where 
you're coming from.  A lot of musical impact comes from the environment 
or frame of mind in which it was listened.  I listened to it from an 
ambient standpoint, through headphones while trying to get some work 
done.  It was kind of tough to concentrate on what I was working on 
because the sounds were constantly changing.  In my opinion, ambient 
music doesn't distract you from your tasks.  Instead ambient enhances 
the environment (again, my opinion).

But...you said that "ambient" was the wrong mold in which to cast it.

 From an abstract, splatter painting perspective, I think your music is 
very nice.  The sound was very full and rich.  I suppose an analogy 
would be a collection of rich, vivid colors.  Quite pleasing to the eye. 
  In your case, quite pleasing to the ear.  I mentioned that the sounds 
were constantly changing...that kept me listening, wondering where 
things will go next (which explains why I was distracted from my work). 
  In that context, it sounds like your creation is exactly what you set 
out to create - and it's a very nice creation.

Great work!

Tony K wrote:
> Hey all,
> Stupid email server was down for 3 days.  Erg.
> I'm not sure if I should apologize for starting a flame-war, or take 
> credit for a few days of entertainment! :)
> As I've told a few of you offlist, I appreciate all the comments.  ALL 
> of them.  Everybody has a different perspective and if I didn't want to 
> hear it, I would not have asked.  The reaction of "I didn't like this 
> about it" is better than no reaction at all.  No reaction means it had 
> no effect, and we are going for effect, right?  Does it make you feel 
> good?  scared? annoyed?  did it do something?
> A few comments on the comments.
> Yes, it is a bit busy and doesn't fit into the 'ambient' mold.  I 
> probably shouldn't have used that term.  Ah well, live and learn. It is 
> what it is. It's experimental, it's improv, it noise, it's sound, it's 
> playing with the tools.  It's throwing sound at the canvas and seeing 
> what sticks.  My mom said it was like Jackson Pollock's splatter 
> paintings, only in sound.  I'm not sure I'm confortable being compared 
> to him, but hey, if she wants to give me a complement, who am I to 
> complain!
> And yes to the preset/general midi feel to some of the sounds. Much of 
> what I'm trying now is playing with the synths and effects and seeing 
> what I can do with the tools at hand.  Presets are a place to start, and 
> since I'm using 10+ year old synths, those sounds are old hat to many of 
> you.  On the other hand, I LIKE some of those presets!  In the same way 
> I still love the sound of a Les Paul cranked straight through a 
> Marshall.  ya know?
> Kudo's to Kris for hitting the nail on the head as far as the 
> inspiration goes.  Much of the feel of what I've been trying to do 
> lately revolves around the passing of my grandfather who was a potter 
> and abstract artist. He also LOVED astronomy and so, I'm trying to bind 
> those influences into my music.  He very much believed in breaking the 
> rules when it came to art. Ironic though, that he didn't like much music 
> besides classical.  He firmly believed that the tools were merely a 
> means to an end.  They are very important in that they are necessary to 
> create the art, but the point isn't the tool, it's the art.  He 
> constantly experimented with clay, glaze, color, shape, texture.... For 
> me, music is very much the same, we have to experiment, absorb, listen, 
> learn, read, play, all in order to be able to create what we hear in our 
> heads.  In the end it's all just vibrations. I don't really care how I 
> got there, as long as I got there and the trip was interesting.  But, 
> knowing how to use the tools I have is necessary in being able to get 
> where I'm going.
> Thanks again,
> Tony

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