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RE: [LOOP] Re: The Mobius Technological Enslavement Device is now available

Ah loves the Win32 version :)

The next track feature is nifty and a heck of a lot cheaper then owning 
hauling) eight EDP's, wo...

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Gunnar Backman
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2005-02-16 kl. 15.43 burnett@pobox.com: wrote

> On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, geoff smith wrote:
>> agreed
>> please please port to mac
> +1 to the request for OS X porting.
> thanks,
> Steve B
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>> geoff
>> On 16 Feb 2005, at 05:22, todd reynolds wrote:
>>> Please please please PLEASE port this thing.
>>> We mac folks need it.  Of course I'll try to run it on virtual pc.
>>> Good job.
>>> T.
>>> On 2/15/05 12:23 PM, "Jeff Larson" <Jeffrey.Larson@Sun.COM> wrote:
>>>> Some of you may recall that about 9 months ago during an 
>>>> embarrassing bout of hubris, I announced that I was writing a 
>>>> Windows looping application that emulated a Loop IV EDP.  It 
>>>> probably comes as no surprise that I underestimated how hard that 
>>>> was going to be :-)
>>>> But I'm pleased (and relieved) to finally say that a public beta of 
>>>> the Mobius looping device is now available.  You can find it at 
>>>> www.zonemobius.com.  It was developed on Windows XP, should run on 
>>>> W2K and ME, but might not run on 98.
>>>> Mobius is essentially 8 independent stereo EDPs with the ability to 
>>>> copy loops and timing between them.  Extensive MIDI, computer 
>>>> keyboard, and UI button control is provided.  Progress through the 
>>>> loop is displayed as a horizontal "thermometer" annotated with 
>>>> markers that show when quantized functions will occur.  Loops 
>>>> (including complete layer histories) may be saved to and loaded 
>>>> from files.
>>>> I believe there is fairly complete coverage of features except for 
>>>> three notable areas: Loop Windowing, Interface Mode, and external 
>>>> synchronization.  I'm working on loop windowing now.  Andy Butler 
>>>> made the wise suggestion not to get too fixated on a perfect 
>>>> emulation and instead implement features the way they made sense to 
>>>> me.  I do have an EDP and use it to cross check behavior, but if 
>>>> you are an expert you will notice some differences.  Most of these 
>>>> are discussed in the user's manual.
>>>> While anyone is welcome to try it out, it would be best if you 
>>>> already have some knowledge of the EDP.  For obvious reasons I 
>>>> don't have the resources to replicate the EDP manual, the 
>>>> documentation I do have is concerned mostly with configuration and 
>>>> how Mobius is different than the EDP.  This is a true beta, so it's 
>>>> still a little rough around the edges.  Basic operations should 
>>>> work but as you explore the fringes you may find problems.  PLEASE 
>>>> report them.
>>>> There is no immediate plan for a Mac port or a VST plugin.  I am 
>>>> finding it easier and more interesting to evolve Mobius as a 
>>>> standalone application that can host VST plugins and provide the 
>>>> optimized performance features I want, rather than having it be a 
>>>> VST plugin and wrestle with host interaction issues.  That may 
>>>> change once I start exploring Ableton Live, but not for awhile.
>>>> I hope some of you find this as entertaining as I do.
>>>> Jeff
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