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Re: The Prodigal Son Comes Clean

My apologies. I was being sincere in my words but I just realized I 
you for avant-garde percussionist/composer Laurence Coperman who music I 
turned onto by Dutch composer Hans Luden. I should of realized you were 
the same person because from what I hear Laurence Coperman dose not own a 
phone or T.V let alone a computer. My bad , sorry.
I am now however very interested in hearing your music.
All the best
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> On Feb 15, 2005, at 7:32 PM, dominic frasca wrote:
>> It has become ever so apparent to me that after reading the words of 
>> Larry Coperman and having heard his music that he is man extraordinary 
>> gifs and talents. We all could stop and learn a few things from Mr. 
>> Coperman. I know personally that my life and music will never quite be 
>> the same.Larry has touched my sole in away no one ever has before. I 
>> hope to achieve a small fraction of the artist greatness that is Larry 
>> Coperman, for he is my HERO.
>> Dominic Frasca
> good gods man,
> i heard your music and you are a genius.  are you just being funny?  i'm 
> not.   you do more with a guitar than four people at once.  i am my hero 
> because i am an asshole.  besides dominic where did you hear my music? 
> kevin ain't got any of it.  besides, you're pulling my leg.  i'm not 
> pulling yours, you are one of a kind.
> Larry Cooperman
> New Millennium Guitar
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