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Re: Re: Re: Re: (perhaps a different angle on the thread.)

To all my colleagues on the list, with much respect and humility

I have watched this (Larry Cooperman) thread closely and have marvelled at 
few things which I hoped might support us all if not simply be found
interesting by some of us.

1.  the compassion of people on this list is amazing.  I respect heartily 
colleagues here:  Richard, Bill, Rick, Ted, Andre, Per and many others who 
regret not to have mentioned as I'm penning hurriedly.  This list is filled
with an amazing array of lurkers and posters, many whose experience and
insight is unparalleled.  It is amazing to see the actual lengths we will 
to to reach out to an individual and engage in open communication, whether
he himself is open or not, whether he is the same or different, ignorant,
arrogant, whether he/she is a flamethrower, teambuilder, secure or offering
up their resume for legitimacy.

2.  I marvel at the legitimacy which actually becomes available through the
flame.  Let the responses begin and the downward spiral quickly develops
into reckless speech and power struggle, not to mention 'the pissing 
All the while, the one left standing is the one with the most piss, not
necessarily the most heart or music, because in the end there is simply
nothing left to say after so much dismissal.

3.  a few of our heartiest contributors and committed musicians have left
the list because there is so much less music discussion than there is flame
or gear-speak.  It would be INCREDIBLE to have more discussions and 
offerings about music, much as Tony originated with his request for
feedback.  That request, of course, is the seed for this enormous thread.
Irony, gotta love it.

4.  last thing, I promise.  It's not the mouth, it's the music.  Larry, 
us some music if after all of this you can risk it.  I know it's easy to
type on the keyboard, but let's all take a listen to the music behind the
man who has so compellingly drawn us all in.  Please post a link or explain
equally eloquently why you cannot, and I can guarantee you your website 
be flooded with hits by end of evening.  With all the support you have 
for the excellence of your career and your music, I am finding myself
wanting to hear you very much.  Unless I'm a web idiot, I couldn't find any
mp3's on your site, and I can't read music.

Perhaps we should all offer up more music.  Putting our music where our
mouths are... I have learned the most from listening to all the folks I
listed above and more.  The learning happens to be my thing.  So for my 
of the conversation which I've waited a few days to offer, I request more
that I can learn from.  It is always interesting to learn psychologically
from watching people piss in their self propagated and referential matches,
but it's music which digs us out from our myopia.

Post some music, Larry.

All best to all the best.