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Re: flame war

You know, I've basically enjoyed the hell out this particular looper's 
war. As a total non-participant, that's been relatively easy...but it's 
certainly been about interesting issues, and has been engaged in with 
typical looper's-list eloquence and distinctness, by many of the folks 
whom I most enjoy lurking amongst...and it's definitely bought out some 
great posts, like this one...and the memories of Andre at 
CalArts....so, while I hate to see the apparent pain some have felt, I 
just want to interject a quick "Thanks, folks--very diverting!" to all 

  On Feb 15, 2005, at 2:33 PM, Devin Smith wrote:

> You know, as much as I have been trying to ignore this thing and wait 
> for it to pass over, I couldn't help but comment about some of the 
> dichotomies that seem to have driven this whole thing.

> In the meantime, I look forward to some useful and flame-free postings.
> -Devin