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RE: The Mobius Technological Enslavement Device is now available

Ah Jeff you should even if it's a minimal or contribution fee I tell you
what put your paypal button your page and start the VST version. Hmm there
you go charge a minimal fee for the VST version just to make it worth the
effort to continue the work this is great. Just watch for how many 
you are going to get as I go post about your new app I have an EDP and I
love this. I guess I may start on the PC Effects Rack again just did a few
quickies right now with no effects and my SG plugged into my mixer straight
into my audio card way cool.

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Subject: Re: The Mobius Technological Enslavement Device is now available

Alan Kroeger wrote:
> Wow this is way cool I assume you will be charging for this sometime 
> in the future. Do you do any embedded programming might be cool on a 
> dsp hardware/firmware platform too. Works great on XP though for sure 
> might give up on my EDP(as this is an excelent emulation) I wonder if 
> my old crippled Sony Vaio could deal with this well I will try it there

I don't intend to charge for this.  It was a challenge I wanted to 
for several reasons, and now I would like to share the result.  Though if
anyone feels so inclined I'll happily accept donations to my Paypal account
"jlarson@sun.com" :-)

I'm not very familiar with embedded programming.  Were I to go in that
direction, I would probably redesign it to be a portable VST plugin that
could be run on something like the PowerCore.  It is more likely I would do
a Mac port first, but neither is likely within the next year.