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Re: The Mobius Technological Enslavement Device is now available

Neil Goldstein wrote:
> Will the EDP standard extended midi commands translate to Mobius?

With the exception of the things related to external synchronization
(and that's a big one) everything you can do with MIDI on an EDP you
can do with Mobius.

The main difference is that the EDP associates midi commands and
functions with the ControlSource and Source# parameters, which limits
you to a contiguous range of notes or controllers.  Mobius allows
you to bind a function to an arbitrary MIDI command, so for
example Record could be note 32, Overdub controller 56, Multiply
program 98, etc.  It provides a "learn" mode where you select a function,
then press something on your footswitch or control surface, and a
binding for that midi event is automatically created.