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Re: The Mobius Technological Enslavement Device is now available

Alan Kroeger wrote:
> Wow this is way cool I assume you will be charging for this sometime in 
> future. Do you do any embedded programming might be cool on a dsp
> hardware/firmware platform too. Works great on XP though for sure might 
> up on my EDP(as this is an excelent emulation) I wonder if my old 
> Sony Vaio could deal with this well I will try it there too.

I don't intend to charge for this.  It was a challenge I wanted to
undertake for several reasons, and now I would like to share the
result.  Though if anyone feels so inclined I'll happily accept
donations to my Paypal account "jlarson@sun.com" :-)

I'm not very familiar with embedded programming.  Were I to go in that
direction, I would probably redesign it to be a portable VST plugin
that could be run on something like the PowerCore.  It is more likely
I would do a Mac port first, but neither is likely within the next year.