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Re: RE: Re:

OK Rich,

You don't know a thing about me so you don't know as to what background 
I have and why I say these things.

In defense of Tony, who offered his great music to the group I wanted 
him to be aware that he is to take everything with a grain of salt.

respect to Rick and Bill they had my music for 7 months and chose not 
to listen to it or listened to it and chose to to comment.  7 months is 
a long time so I figured they heard it and just either hated it or just 
didn't understand.

I do like the walker bros and do consider them very talented although I 
haven't heard Rick, I just KNOW he is.

After spending my life around musicians I sort of figured that they 
chose not to comment because it wasn't what they grew up with.  I could 
be wrong and like I said, respect to them, they are kind people but 
from hearing what Bill did at y2k4 I figured that he is a very fine 
musician but not the kind of musician that really creates a voice of 
his own.  very good though and I appreciate the reconstructions of 
things I've heard before with all of the looping and stuff.  There was 
actually a guy there reconstructing a paul Simon song with the looping 
and the stuff.  What the hell are these people trying to do?

You people are so delicate I figure that there ain't much going on.  
You talk with great language and gusto that I figure that it's about 
all you do.

Lonely, eh?  I have a beautiful wife and son and I host some of the 
best classical guitarists and composers on my website, travel to see 
them they travel to see me.  They play my music.  Lonely?

I am no slave to technology unless you consider this computer one.  I 
could write my pieces free hand instead of using Finale.  I could send 
them snail rather than send a PDF to a performer.  I'm busy as a 
composer, are you?

Listen Rich with all due respect you can buy a dozen or so recordings 
of my music by some of the world's best classical guitarists.  I don't 
even need to play just like that there Beethoven.  I'm covered, are 
you?  You're blowing hot air, as a matter of fact, most of you are 
because you don't live musically, you just think you do with the 

Look me up and you'll find stuff, can I do the same for you?  Hot air 
you say?  You don't know me because you have no perspective and I know 
how crappy I am because I do have the perspective to know the world's 
greatest composers and musicians.

Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar