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personally, I think your well entitled to communicate your views.  and 
indeed, you almost raise the point that what is sometimes missing in 
relativism is a common ground for making judgements as to what is good 
and what is bad, what is to be included in the inner circle of accepted 
art and what is rejected.  however,  given that 'perspective' seems to 
be one of those words, etymologically speaking, that has its roots in 
visual thinking, is it really the best concept to be using to found a 
system of musical judgement on?  are you suggesting that you have 
musical vision?

I have no problem with such a claim if you just come out and make it.  
nonetheless, how does one 'have' perspective?  where did you 'get' it 

I would have thought that whilst an opinion provided from a learned 
historical context can be considered a judgement, one would have to 
provide that context or some evidence of it, as is the traditional 
manner of judging, with the opinion, so as to give that opinion the 
authority that judgement requires.  Until such evidence is presented, 
the opinion remains an opinion, no matter how much you call it another 
name.  If this were not the case, why would judges bother to go to law 
school - they could just call themselves judges and be done with it.

So my point is that you really haven't provided any evidence, as of yet, 
as to your authority in passing judgement.  So please, would you be 
willing to elaborate on this perspective a little more so we can 
understand your right to judge?  I think it would make an interesting 
discussion, provided we can keep it on-track.  Until such a time, I hope 
you don't mind if I make my own mind up and consider your communications 
as opinions and leave it at that?