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Re: For your listening amusement

First off.. thanks for all the comments.  I've been playing music for about 33 years and I still am constantly nervous about putting myself out there for public inspection. :)
I'm not much concerned about labels.  Yeah, it doesn't really fit the ambient moniker.  My brother likes to call it 'doombient."  Any other suggestions?
Actually, I didn't work THAT hard at it.  It's 3 layered tracks of improv all done in one evening.  Much of not paying attention to what I'd done one the previous tracks.
And no, there's no Juno on it (love to have one!)  It's a Roland GR50 guitar synth triggering a Korg M3R and a EX8000, a Roland D50, and the regular guitar pickup run through an RP2000.  It's routed in various insane ways through an Arion stereo delay, Arion stereo chorus, Digitech 2 sec digital delay, DL4, Adrenalinn, and a DOD Tec4 guitar processor.
ok, so for anybody who didn't run screaming from the room and wants to listen, there are a few more.
Thanks again,
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Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005 2:20 PM
Subject: Re: For your listening amusement

    I love the work....thank you for the coffee break. My favorite segment was 13 - 15 minutes. The sonic/tone mood is nicely interrupted with a disturbing tone....I like that link of stuff.
    I agree, you are too contextual/orchestrated to be hard core ambient. I always keep in mind why my wife hates ambient....cause it's the same sequence over and over without change. Don't let this get you down....it's a great work, well mixed. Next time....don't work so hard:)
    Did you use any old Juno sounds?   
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Date: 02/14/05 10:28:33
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I really liked the choice of sounds and textures...
but for an ambient soundscape I found it busy to the
point of distraction.  Trust me, I know this topic...
becaues it's one of my biggest issues with my own
music!  I've found that what I "feel" is a good amount
of activity is often way way way too much and I need
to play about 1/4 the amount.
A few techniques I've found that work well to "thin"
out my playing are to take frequent breaks during a
performance while really listening to and enjoying the
current loop.  Spend some time tweaking the loop with
a performance orientated effects processor like an
Alesis AirFX.  Another good technique is take a nice
slow but beautiful movie or scene and score it in real
time.  You'll be surprised how little you need to do
to make a great composition.
--- Tony K <bigtony@softhome.net> wrote:
> Hello Loopy people,
> I've been doing loopy soundscapes for a few months
> and recording some of it.
> I'd like some feedback (heh) on my last one.
> It overloaded in a few places so there's a touch of
> unintentional
> distortion. :(  ah well.
> Brutal honesty is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Tony