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RE: For your listening amusement

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Speaking of hammers and quotes...here's one of my favorites that always seems to apply to gear and new musical toys:
"Give a boy a hammer, and before you know it everything he encounters needs hammering"
- I can't remeber who said this...maybe Kaplin (I think...some book I read on the history of science, education, etc)
Krispen Hartung
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Great quote Ted,    I need a guy with a hammer.
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In a message dated 02/14/05 11:00:26, burnett@pobox.com writes:

I believe that Picasso once said that every artist needs an assistant to
stand behind him holding a hammer. When the artist is finished with their
current work, the assistant's job is to hit the artist over the head with
a hammer and stop them from ruining the work.

That is good. Verry good . . . and too true.

Best regards,

tEd ® kiLLiAn

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