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Re: Kaoss Pad II

 >>I am on the fence about getting this item. I have played with them a
little and I know it would be a lot of fun, but I feel like if it only had
a FEW extra features it would be awesome. As far as I'm concerned, they
could drop more than half of the cheesy reverbs and filters in this thing
and make room for MIDI-synced (or even BPM-synced) sample triggering and
overdubbing of samples, then I would get this in a second. Anyone have any
words of wisdom?<<<<

I agree that the Kaoss idea could be done with a few more features (I'd 
like a socket for an expression pedal assignable to a third parameter, 
and one for a record button for the loops, as well as more loop time), 
but for the money, I think the KPII is great - there's a lot in it that 
I've yet to get into in a big way, but I really like the tactile nature 
of it, and the ability to randomise processing with it...


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