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RE: RC-20 Start up problem

Luckily, I've had no problems with my RC-20. But I did experience some
weirdness from a Digitech RP-100 under battery power. One day, upon
power-up, the LEDs just wigged out...every patch became the same---heavy
*unuseable* distortion, then, it stopped working. I brought it to be 
out by the factory service rep, and nothing was wrong. I then bought the
wall-wart, began using it and no problems have occurred since then.

So my philosophy is NOT to use any batteries, if I don't have to.


Ed in NJ

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<< it just won't
loop anything. >>

I guess I would then try:

Starting up the unit while holding the Exit button down.

Starting up the unit while holding both the Reverse button and the Exit 
button down.

Starting up the unit while holding both the Write and Exit buttons down.

If still no positive change I would use the warranty and send it in for 

If I bought it used I would open it up and look at the guts and poke 

There may even be a Boss User Forum somewhere that has some tips on
with the insides.