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RE: Tim's VF-1 lo-fi paradise?RE: emulating a cheap sampling toy

  Ok I'll chime in on this one, again, The VF1 rocks, I bought one online
last year to have something small and powerfull for traveling. It has good
amp modeling and a smorgasbord of effects, and has a lot of flexibility for
real time control. its a shame they were discontinued a few years back, but
I'm sure they figured that everyone wanted a foot pedal style multi effect
box. The beauty of the VF1 is it has algorithms for guitar, acoustic 
bass guitar, keyboards and vocals, so it can cover a lot of basses. Like
every other multi effect that Boss makes, the VF1 comes loaded with presets
that leave a bit to be desired (like the 5150, Van Halenesque shred preset,
yuck!). But for me it passed the litmus test of providing a decent black
face clean tone, a respectable Vox tone, and a good overdriven lead tone
that is not so saturated it looses dynamic range. You just have to work at
dialing the sound in.

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Subject: Tim's VF-1 lo-fi paradise?RE: emulating a cheap sampling toy

Go on, bring it up! It's a cool topic, but then I'm prejudiced, having
started this string ;-)
Effector13 is a cool co.
Of course, I've already gone and spent money I didn't have on a cheap Boss
VF-1, partly because of its lo-fi and vinyl-crackle features, neither of
which I've had time to suss out yet. All I've had time to do is scroll
through the presets that everybody has warned me about... the people are
right... the presets are absolutely "twee," candy-assed, lifeless disco
bullshit, nowhere near as cool as my MXR flange (which I will have to sell
to justify this purchase) or as rich as my ancient RPS-10, BUT everyone sez
that presets are only the beginning, and based on my experience with my
Zoom multis I know this to be true.
If Krispen luvs his VF-1, that's enough testimonial for me, dammit. I will
give it a good listen, spend some time with it.
Cheerios and Milk,
P.S.--Anyone ever deal with Darrell Barrett?

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> Subject: RE: emulating a cheap sampling toy
> Hi not wanting to revive a long dead subject but I found this and thougth
> was perfect for that the original poster wanted to do.
> its called the Effector 13 NO-Fi pedal
> PS its not me thats selling it.
> Phill
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