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Re: AW: Musicians Wanted

i hear you man,so far i ve looped at art
expos,cultural gatherings and coffeshops which i love
the only problem is  that some of this gigs only
happen twice a year around here and then they dont
For me is learning how to loop in a different way and
getting to know how a main stream audience reacts to
it, rather than sitting looking am my feet,rack efx
and improvising which ive been doing so far.Recording
object and hand instruments to build a groove,looping
a riff on top,switching from part A to B,multiplying a
passage to solo on top of it,going back to part
A,doing a start stop break to throw a goofy solo and
have the audience sing or clap along,doing hip hop
stutters,recording a voice and singing harmony on top
of it,fading it in and out,panning parts and doing all
of this smooth without fucking up is proving to be a
blast but also very very challenging!!But best of all
i am starting tu use this loop devices to their full
extent and realize why the engineers of this tools
implemented all of this wonderful features!!
Dont get me wrong,i played the irish pub still playing
what i wanted, got paid well,got free guiness
beer,free food and got away with looping yes, yes,
Now if i get the girls i know ive mastered it...:-)

--- samba - <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:

>    One solution to the problem of playing in bars is
> to not play bars.Has 
> anyone done looping at a wedding? Art openings are a
> good possibility,though 
> probably not lucrative unles you can move into the
> openings at  museums,but 
> that's definately possible. For me Festival gigs and
> college gigs are the 
> best .


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