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Re: edp midi land

At 07:06 PM 2/10/2005, Jfloridis@aol.com wrote:
>i am wondering if there is anyone who can point me in the direction of 
>basics in midi controling the edp.  i mean truly getting started.

there is the EDP pedal tutorial on Looper's Delight:

Also, the EDP+ manual:

>what i am trying to do presently, which is not working, is to control the 
>edp with a midi pedal i have from an ada mp1 guitar pre-amp.  the ada 
>has a 7 pin jack and obviously the edp has 5.  though the midi cord can 
>still go into a 7 pin jack, i am wondering if that prohibits it from 
>able to control the edp.

The old ADA pedal will not work at all for the Echoplex. It is way way way 
too limited. All it can do is send program change messages. You need a 
better pedal.

>i know i have heard of the berringer pedal, and i'd be curious to know 
>what the general feeling is about it.  i asked this a while back and did 
>not hear from anyone, so if there is anyone who has any helpful advice, 
>would be appreciated.

The behringer pedal has its minor issues, but it does work for controlling 
the Echoplex and it is easily available and inexpensive. I think there are 
a few obscure functions you can't do with it still, but a lot of people 
using it happily. Other midi pedal options include the digitech PMC-10, 
Rocktron AllAccess, Lake-Butler Midigator RFC-1, Roland FC-200, Yamaha 
MFC-10. A lot of people complain about the roland and yamaha pedals, so 
might stay away from those.


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