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Re: looping and using monitors

Hey Rico!
I am having fun doing this thing lately last night i
played in konstanz laying layers of rhythms i also
graved an old cookie tray from the bar for a snare
sound(a la ricko suave) with different instruments and
then playing guitar on top with really low open tunigs
fro a bassier sound,i did a version of "Walk on the
wild side" man you should have seen the peoples faces
bro!a girl kept coming up every 5 min. trying to see
what was behind the monitor and how i was doing it and
i just cracked up:-))then i went on to explain how i
was doing it and people seem fascinated by it.I am
doing congas with a small kanjira it sounds great but
i want to get a good hand snare drum and maybe a small
cymbal, what can you recomend me as a drummer?
The problem that i having is getting this strange
microphone echo bleeding into the loops as i
overdub...i also noticed you use an AKG right? what
mic would you recomend me?it obviously has to be one
that doesnt pick up too much noise from around,a very
direct one.
This handsonic thing sounds also very cool but then
again..here in germany people want to see something
more organic i have the feeling...
Thanx bro ill check them out!

--- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> I"ve already posted this but since this discussion
> has come up:
> I am using Radio Shack wireless headphones straight
> off of my tape out on my
> Mackie 1402 VLZ mixer.
> I bought them on sale for $70 and they are
> FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!
> the sound quality is good and, as a
> multi-instrumentalist I have the freedom 
> to rove around,
> switch instruments, tweak my gear, run out and dance
> in the middle of the 
> audience <blush, it has
> been known to happen> ................all the while
> listening perfectly to 
> my loops.
> They also have enough bleed through so that if I"m
> playing with my brother 
> (who uses guitar amps for
> some monitoring)  I can hear him perfectly.
> The only thing you might want to do is put them in a
> hard shell carrying 
> case as they are cheaply built with
> plastic or, hell,  buy a second set they are sooooo
> damned cheap. 


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