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electronics question for the tech-heads.

Sorry for Off topic..
After a few weeks of completely happy and crazy use of my newly installed (and now working, thanks to LD people) Fernandes Sustainer pickup, I have for the first time left the damn thing plugged in overnight, (battery switch on jack socket arrangment) and drained the battery. THIS WILL NOT DO! now I could add a power switch to the guitar (but then I would no doubt forget that ..)
BUT... I have a cunning plan!!!
I also have a GK midi pickup installed on the same guitar, and when I poke around with the multimeter at the socket that is installed in the guitar that takes the midi to my synth I find a pin that seems to have around 7 volts sitting there. The sustainer pickup taks a 9 volt battery (but when I test, again with multimeter) it also appears to be around 7 volts.
Now it doesnt take an idiot to realise what I'm suggesting. I would like to take the power from the GK midi pickup cable and connect it to the sustainer. Which I would have tried already, but for one little prob.
If I check voltage on the battery with multimeter connected with BLACK cable to ground and RED cable to battery.. 7 volts. When I do the same on this mysterious power wire inside the GK connector, the multimeter trys to swing the wrong way, I reverse the multi meter leads, and then I get this reading of 7 volts.
Does this mean that the GK pickup is infact powered by -(minus) 7 volts? ( I've never really understood the concept of negative volts Im afraid..) SO.. either I cant use this power, OR I must reverse the polarity of it???
Is this possible?
mark francombe

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