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RE: Anybody recognise this? / Aarset gear

>>From: simeon harris
>>probably old news now, but i managed to figure out what all the Aarset
>>boxes were....

>not old news for me, thanks Simeon!!! I had been wondering the last time I
>saw him ... but even with knowledge about the hardware, I'm stumped at how
>he makes some sounds, e.g. that turkish-fretless-clarinet-whining thing 


that turkish sound, as far as i can tell (and i have stood 3 feet away 
him while he's been doing it!), is a combination of the EH microsynth set 
a low resonance filter without any added octaves or square wave, an ebow, 
volume pedal, some nice dalay and reverb and a fantastic left hand 
that involves sliding the finger towards the fret to cause each note to 
develop slowly. i've tried to mimic this on many occasion, but there's a 
special knack to it which i havn't managed to figure out yet - but it's a 
lovely sound, to be sure!

oh, and i can't take all the credit for figuring out what all the boxes 
- i did get some help from the chaps over at the harmony central fx forum 
for a couple of them - those guys sure know their stuff!