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OT: gear for sale

Yo! I've got  few things I need to part with.
  A Behringer FCB1010, used, with 7 banks of Repeater control presets (some
redundancy from bank to bank). I just put the latest chip upgrade in it. 
selling it because I've decided to quite looping forever, and devote myself
to mastering  the sackbut. but seriously, I have two and need to sell one.
  A Fulltone Choraflange, used , one of the best chorus pedals out there in
my humble opinion, and I've tried most of the major ones. I'm using so
little chorus these days, opting more for vibrato and tremelo effects.
  A Fulltone Fulldrive 2 , used,  a very good sounding overdrive, in the
tubescreamer vein,  very versatile with a secondary switchable gain boost. 
went back to a klon centaur, for overdriven sounds.
  A Sunrise acoustic guitar pickup, with the 18 volt sunrise buffer box. In
many people's opinion, the finest acoustic soundhole pickup made. I will 
sell the two pieces seperately, and the pickup really does sound a lot
better through the buffer box, anyway.  I was using it in a weissenborn but
recently switched to a duncan mag mic, which rivals the sunrise in sound
while adding a microphone to the mix.
 I'm going to check the recent ebay completed auctions to determine what 
going to sell these items  for, so please contact me off list if you are