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Upcoming Boston Shows, Online Music from The Jambient Project

Hi all,

This is an announcements only list for The Jambient Project (
www.thejambientproject.com ), unsubscribe info is at the bottom of the
message, and I apologize if you do not wish to be on this list...feel free
to contact me (Dean Stiglitz) at deknow@deknow.com if you have questions.

Mark Sullivan (guitar & bass) Dean Stiglitz (electric flute, wind 
synths, Buchla Thunder) Bob Trottier (electronic percussion & synths) &
Doctor T (visuals) although not on this gig

Playing for Red Bull's Art of the Can exhibit at the Artists for Humanity
Located at 100 West Second St. South Boston 02127

The exhibit runs from February 26th - March 6th

the jambient project sets are as follows:
Thursday February 24th (7pm-9pm) pre-opening showing (this is a closed 
night) email for more info
Saturday February 26th (5pm-7pm) Opening Night
Tuesday March 1st (8pm-10pm)

For event info see http://www.redbullartofthecan.com/

For venue info including a very well done PDF map see

Set times are always questionable in real world execution. There will be
other artists before & after our sets. So times could change.
This is a very nice gallery venue. Admission is Free.

If you have seen us before, we thank you for your support and invite you to
what should be a great setting for our music. If you haven't seen us and 
looking for something different, this could be the cheap night out that
you've been waiting for.

Our new web site is just a few hours old. So please bookmark and check back
as we have a ton of content to load up in the near future.  There is an mp3
of an hour long live set on our site as well (for your listening pleasure).

Again, more information is available at www.thejambientproject.com .

Dean Stiglitz
The Jambient Project

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contact: deknow@deknow.com