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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V05 #82

At 21:19 09/02/05, you wrote:
>CAn anybody help me? Please...

AFAIK the Roland FC-200 is very limited in what it can do for Note-On-Offs.

You could try with CC values;-
EDP ControlSource = Ctr

then a CC value of 0 is equivalent to note-off

Last time I looked Roland didn't have the manual on-line, but I have had a 
brief look at it some time ago.
The unit will send either notes, or CC, or ProgChange depending on it's 
The notes are always laid out in keyboard fashion.
there seemed to be a couple of options for CC, which might allow you to 
send CC value=0 on release of the pedal (for normal EDP operation), and 
also an option to send just one value.

andy butler