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Re: electronic music pioneers

Title: Re: electronic music pioneers
Man, Richard, you've known some heavy hitters!
Regarding books about great out-there music, had I already mentioned the '60s tome "New Directions In Sound"? I happened across it at a music school in Cambridge while my daughter was taking a class.
Aw, what I am I talking about, Richard? You probably WROTE the darn thing!
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At 4:43 PM -0800 2/8/05, Dennis Montgomery wrote:
FYI:  The book "Electronic and Experimental Music" by Thom Holmes also has a few pages (and photo) on the Barron's contributions.

This looks like a good book!


The photos from the Time magazine article are wonderful. Unfortunately they seem to be the only photo documentation of the Barrons in their studio, and there seems to be nothing of them in their social/creative milieu (with the John Cage, Ana´s Nin, Maya Deren, et al). There is need for an archaeological dig through Bebe's storage locker and Mary Ellen Kabat's (Louis's second wife's) garage.

When I was doing my article on the Barrons for e|i magazine I got the loan of all the Time photos, some family shots such as (Louis, Bebe, and son Adam with sombreros and a burro in Tijuana), and I borrowed a stack of Louis's note cards from his second son David.

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