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RE: John Bonham drum trax - MP3s

Man thanx a million for this killer drum samples!if
you can give us a sample of their 7/8th "the ocean" it
would be killer! 
Led Zeppelin,without a doubt the best hard rock band
in the world i am still a fan and i still find them
amazing!Check out their new DVD its worth every penny
and it sure will make you squeeze your lemon!!
Jimmy page said it even if he never used loopers:
"repetition is the master of manipulation"

--- goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:

> fair brought a tear to my eye- not just to hear the
> mighty bonzo so clearly, but to be reminded again (&
> this despite the mp3-ness of these recordings) that
> no-one has ever quite captured the sound of a
> drumkit quite aswell as jimmy page.
> you couldn't possibly use any of these recordings in
> a different context without their being recognised.
> just like in the opening seconds of the first
> beasties album, you'd recognise that noise straight
> away. I think I'll loop them up anyway just to make
> them last longer, & to practice/write basslines
> over.
> & my cd-rip of these mp3's will live next to my
> page-autographed copy of "presence", & be used
> occasionally to break small glass objects & annoy
> the neighbours.
> good find.
> duncan.
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