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FCB & RPTR - erase track cc number ?

Hi people,
a few days ago, I've bought the behringer FCB 1010.
It's an amazing device and programming iot was more simple than I've had read in some posts of this list.
It's very usefull with repeater. Now i can control every singole function (one or more) of the front panel just pressing one of the 10 switchs.
For example, i've programmed some switchs to send 3 contemporary midi message (select track/pan track/level).
I can easily control the feedback function with the pedal control . It works perfectly and now my hands are totally free !
I know a lot of you own the FCB, but let expose my enthusiasm ...
Now, in addiction to the "erase loop" function (cc 108) I would like to send a cc message for "erase track" (one track only), but in the manual ther's not specified the related CC number.
So i'm asking if anyone of you know which is the controller number for the erase track command on the electrix repeater.
Thanks and happy looping to you all