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Gig spam: Loopage at the Monkey in 5.1 with video by member ToddReynolds


Tell us you're an LD member upon advancedly reserve a seat, and you receive
a 25% discount, tell us the night of, and you receive a 20% discount.
Portions of the press release follow with dates and times at the bottom.

The Monkey is a 35 seat venue, please call for reservations.  (it's cheaper

Todd Reynolds

Loops and Constructions in Surround Sound 5.1

with special guests

Video artist Luc Dubois, Sound artist Jody Elff, and Laptop artist Jesse


>From February 11-13,  Violinist Todd Reynolds will bring his unique blend 
improvisation and composition with looping and electronic music to  The
MONKEY 5.1, New York's only 5.1 surround sound performance venue (37 west
26th st. suite 1201 ph# 212-481-1601 ).

Todd Reynolds is one of the most active musicians in the New York scene
performing regularly with his own string quartet Ethel, Yo Yo Ma, Steve
Reich and Michael Gordon among countless others. He is a composer with a
unique voice - one that defies categorization and defines innovation.
Drawing from the numerous music styles which he has studied and mastered,
Reynolds creates music which is fresh yet familiar, topical yet timeless.
Always a modern artist first, Todd is not bound by tradition when creating
his works. He often pairs the violin with electronics, amplification,
computers and video. At the Monkey 5.1, he will collaborate with long time
colleagues, Video artist Luc Dubois, Sound artist Jody Elff and Laptop
artist Jesse Stiles.
This will be Todd's first performance series in 5.1-surround sound. Join us
for what is slated to be one of the hottest musical events of the year.
All five of Toddıs performances will be recorded for a live CD that will be
released March 1, 2005. This will be the first in a series of performances
by various artists live at Monkey that will be available on CD and audio

Todd Reynolds - Looping in 5.1 surround

Friday, February 11th  at  8:00 and 10:00 pm
Saturday, February 12th at 8;00 and 10:00 pm
Sunday, February 13th at 8:00 pm
Tickets: $20 with advanced purchase 25$ at the door.
Special CD Offer: Receive a CD of Toddıs performance at The Monkey via US
mail upon it release (March 1 2005) for an additional $10.

Reservations for this event can be made by visiting