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RE: Ineko for sale? / BOSS VF-1

  I worked on the Dead's stage crew for awhile.They were running around 
70,000 watts.Phil lesh was  playing bass through 48, 18in John Meyers 
speakers.The system was capable of holographic effects and that made an 
entire stadium resonate like a drum shell.Lesh worked with subsonics quite 
bit too.Some deadheads do seem to strike people as having had their brains 
turned to mush.
  the continental plates cracking down the center to the core of the
earth.  :)  With a monster PA and sub system, I could crack skulls and
turn brains to mush with these frequencies.   I'd like to loop a 30hz
frequency at 10,000 watts through 10 subs loaded with 18 inch bomb
simulation speakers.  It would be like a 10 kilometer alien ship landing
on the stage.  Massive.