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RE: Ineko for sale? / BOSS VF-1

Damn...never got to finish my last message and the gremlins hit the send
key. Anyway, someone must be hording those Akiras somewhere.

On a different note, I'm really loving the VF-1 now. Someone mentioned
being able to assign the expression pedal to two different effect
paramaters. I underestimated the power of this....mind boggling.  In
this respect, morphing aside, it seems more powerful than the Vortex.
Though I still like this patch I made on the Vortex that sounds like one
of the continental plates cracking down the center to the core of the
earth.  :)  With a monster PA and sub system, I could crack skulls and
turn brains to mush with these frequencies.   I'd like to loop a 30hz
frequency at 10,000 watts through 10 subs loaded with 18 inch bomb
simulation speakers.  It would be like a 10 kilometer alien ship landing
on the stage.  Massive. 


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$330? Are you kidding. I got mine for $120.  Cripes...I better keep this

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Subject: Ineko for sale?

The Akira practically doesn't exist.   I got a line on one on E-bay from
(thanks brother) and it went for $330!!!!!!!!    Idiocy!

"Don't you want the rackmount version, Akira, instead?