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my 2nd Public Access show w/ looping (HsAcNoStEtN, "The Joy of Guitar Looping")

my 2nd guitar looping video is running in the Iowa City area on Public Access.
this one uses the same setup that i used for my 1st 30 min video, using my new
guitar (sort of tesla like w/ klein-like attributes) into my digitech rp100 (for 2 sec delays) -
peavey tube preamp-dod d12 (using mostly 6 sec samples from rp100, did lots of delay manipulations etc,) -lexicon mpx100--to my old 50 watt amp. i think the shows been running for 2 weeks or so, a friend saw it (he commented that it looked like a friend of his and i was the best thing on tv that night), my bro saw parts of it during xmas, and thought it sounded like noise (he's an anti-loop-ite). the show's different than #1, mainly that my kids, since they are older now, come in and "interrupt more", my youngest (1 yr old) slightly turns the camera now and then, and my oldest (4) came in at one point and is whacking me on the head w/ a plastic shovel, sort of a "what if the stooges did loops i guess"., and then i did little cheezy interludes of pretending to be some type of filmmaker w/ our camera that is fading in visuals, but in the background of each of those pieces is some of my recorded live loop music playing, so another attempt to put stuff out in the limited media exposure of public access. i called it "joy of guitar looping" in a nod to ole bob ross, maybe someday i'll wear a fake afro, and talk about my happy trees or loops or something.....but the show took me so long to get together, shot it in oct 04, that i've since retired my rp100, and use my digitech rp7 for tube preamp and it's 3.5 sec delays, and then i've added in the ibanez de-7 for manipulating delays (2.7 sec-does great manipulations, just not very infinate in repeats). oh well....happy looping....s----

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