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Echoplex w/ midi controller problems

Hi everyone,
I'm new to the list, so I guess I ought to introduce myself. I'm a multiinstrumentalist who, after years of playing guitar, banjo, mandolin, drums, and a bit of sitar, is most recently delving into the world of sequencing, drum machines, synths, and (of all things) looping. I'm also an avid circuit bender, and have created a number of mangled casios and speak and XXXX's. My latest projects are a circuit bent roland tr-505 with an rca patchbay and switching matrix, and a tape looping device I plan to construct out of a teac A-1200 and 3 or 4 spare playback heads that I've scavenged off of dead machines.
I've been messing with delays and filters for years, but since I got my Echoplex (with loop IV), my music has taken so many new directions. It is such a powerful tool, there is so much you can do with it, yet the shear variety of features and configurations makes it challenging sometimes.
Anyway, on to my real question--- which is...
I recently acquired an Alesis Micron (great little synth), and have aspirations of setting it up as a midi controller for my echoplex. I've had some success doing this, but I'm am unsure of how to set the parameters (specifically the source # setting) to maximize the accessibility of both function controls and loop triggers. Keep in mind this is a 31 key synth, so there is some inherent limitation anyway (although there is an octave switch that makes it simple to scroll through the key values), but despite various tinkerings, it seems that I can only find the loop trigger keys and a few of the functions, while most functions remain innaccessible. The manual says something sort of cryptic about overlapping function values and trigger values, which I thought I understood, but I guess not. In particular, I seem to be able to access only the "MIDI buttons" and not the "Direct MIDI commands" (for those of you with a loop IV manual handy, check out page 44). Also confusing is that one key, when pressed, produces a sort of circuit bent glitch sound that changes unpredictably (sound kinda cool actually, but I don't want to hurt my baby). I've also had some instances of freezing, where the display said some whacky three letter word. Any pointers out there? A little help would be great.

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