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Re: Line 6 -DL4 or Boss DD-20 or Akai E2

I vote for the DD-20 - I got two of 'em! You might even consider two for 
price yourself. (I'm just giddy over them.) The reproduction is very hi-fi,
and you can add/subtract treble with a tone control. Lots of in and out
jacks for stereo options, and possibly an "effects loop" scenario, though I
haven't gotten to playing incestuously with its output yet. Some cool
effects like pitch wobble, "Warp" and "Twist" (tho' I haven't tried these
yet in the DD-20, they were fun in small doses in the DD-6). I use the 
precisely for Fripp 'n' Eno quasi-Revox delay stuff as well as lots of 
applications. Set the DD-20 for maximum feedback, then hit the "off" pedal,
and it will recycle your loop endlessly while you play over it (if that 
you off - very much in the spirit of Robert Fripp on the Small Mobile
Intelligent tour of the late 70s). I had the Headrush for several years and
now that I have two DD-20s, I find the DD-20 to be so far superior in sound
quality and features it's almost funny.
    I seem to remember the DL-4 having some issues around how the delay
would end when you turned it off - it would kinda fizzle out after one or
two reps. The DD-20 (as mentioned) will "honor it's level of feedback" when
turned off, so you can do the deep space meditation as the loop s-l-o-w-l-y
fades into infinity. Also, the DD-20 can be set to very precise lengths of
delay, with the backlit LCD displaying either time in 
of seconds or as a note value based on a specific beats-per-minute value. I
don't think the DL-4 does that.
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large

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> anybody got anything to add re; DD-20 or the Akai E2 Headrush, any
> users out there with pertinent comments on either of these. I think
> what I'm looking for is something to emulate frippertronics delay
> rather than a 'vanilla' looper.
> thanks to everyone who replied to my previous message, I'm new to
> loopers delight and have only just started browsing the archives.
> Kevin
> harrison@dnastudio.freeserve.co.uk