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RE: Line 6 -DL4 or Boss DD-20 or Akai E2

Hi Kevin...welcome!

I have an RC-20, a DD-20 AND a DL4 in my rig currently. And while they are
all excellent in their individual rights, I cannot get them to "synch"
properly at any given time. Although the RC-20 will allow for quantizing of
its loops. Lately, I have been using them like this: Lay down some delayed
ambience in the DL4, then use the record mode on the DD-20 to produce a
useable chord progression, or timed noodlings. Then I switch over to the
first "saved" patch on the DD-20 and solo over and along with what I've
layed down. This process has allowed for some monstrous "walls of sound". 

The RC-20 is there for "stored" loops, and I haven't used it much these
days. It IS a fine looper, though. So for someone getting into it, any of
the three will yield great results and hours of fun.

I am considering getting a Repeater, to help with my laptopping...but this,
I'm afraid comes with a bit of a learning curve. Good, though to be


Ed in NJ

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Subject: Line 6 -DL4 or Boss DD-20 or Akai E2

anybody got anything to add re; DD-20 or the Akai E2 Headrush, any 
users out there with pertinent comments on either of these. I think 
what I'm looking for is something to emulate frippertronics delay 
rather than a 'vanilla' looper.

thanks to everyone who replied to my previous message, I'm new to 
loopers delight and have only just started browsing the archives.