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Subject: Re: Line 6 -DL4 or Boss DD-20 or Akai E2

If someone's looking to cop the Frippertronics vibe, it's worth noting 
that the delay time Fripp used was between 4 and 6 seconds, which is 
with the reach of just about any looping device these days.


On Feb 5, 2005, at 10:29 AM, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:

> Using just my guitar patches in conjunction with a volume pedal, I've 
> been able to get a damn good emulation of Frippertronics out of the 
> Line 6 devices.  I think the key factor you're seeking is the ability 
> to cleanly overdub on top of a seamless loop.  In my experience, the 
> Line 6 does an excellent job of that, and I'm able to easily build a 
> variety of ambient textures and soundscapes quite quickly using only 
> the overdub in conjunction with the reverse and double/half-speed 
> functionality.
> As has been pointed out, the one Achilles' heel of the the DL-4 is the 
> relatively short amount of memory available. I'd agree that if you 
> were trying to loop and switch between standard Verse-Chorus-Break 
> parts, you'd probably get somewhat frustrated with the amount of 
> available loop time.  However, correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't 
> sound as if that's the kind of music you're doing.